Nestled in the woodlands,this hot spring village is a 90 minute drive from downtown Fukuoka city.Nestled in the woodlands,this hot spring village is a 90 minute drive from downtown Fukuoka city.

Mikawa Hot Springs is located in the village of Nagomi-machi
at the border of Fukuoka and Kumamoto prefectures. It is immediately apparent
driving into Nagomi-machi the way the gentle curves of the Kikuchi River shape
the surrounding woodland and nature of this hot spring oasis. Kumamoto is known for
being a hot spring wonderland with over 118 hot springs in the prefecture. The Mikawa Hot Springs
are special in particular for their “Beauty enhancing baths,” that flow from Yamaga and Hirayama regions. The springs are very accessible, it is easy to make a day trip to the hot springs from nearby urban areas.

Access to Nagomi-machi

  • 40 min from Dazaifu I.C. to Kikusui I.C. on Kyusyu Expressway
  • 40 min from Hakata Station to Shin Tamana station by Kyusyu Shinkansen
    , and 10 min from Tamana station to Town hall.

Nagomi-machi,across 4 seasons

When the leaves change to an amber yellow, you have arrived in Nagomi-machi during the spring. During this rice planting season, the rice fields fill with water to reflect the blue sky like a mirror in the land. This alone offers an impressive view that merits visiting all on its own. From the beautiful rice fields of spring, to the summer and the golden leaves of fall... To be finally greeted by the silver of winter. In the chilly winter air the steam from the hot springs dots the landscape, inviting you to enjoy this once a year occurrence.
Nagomi-machi isn’t only a nature paradise, it is an important location for many historic sites and burial areas that are looked after. It will feel as though you have traveled back in time when visiting this breathtaking locale.

Enjoy the “Beauty enhancing baths” in a private bathEnjoy the “Beauty enhancing baths” in a private bath

While soaking in the natural alkaline waters of the Mikawa Hot Spring. With a PH level of 10, the silky smooth feeling of our alkaline baths are top class in Kyushu. Our baths also contain “Metasilicic acid” a natural moisturizing ingredient that you will sense when emerging from our waters, a feeling many claim lasts until the following day.

Renting out the private “Beauty enhaning baths” is one of Mikawa Hot Springs most notable features. In an area first, we created the “Mikawa Hot Spring Local Community Center,” an atmosphere for hot springs like “Beni Sanzashi,” unique bathtubs such as the “Jogen no Tsuki,” and a convenience store “Bikanyuso.”
With such a unique line up of things to explore, there is always something new and exciting to experience.

Nagomi-machi Public Office
3886, Eta, Nagomimachi, Tamana-gun, Kumamoto
TEL. 0968-86-5725